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Pest Control Services in Wetherby | Wasp Removal

Have your pest removal needs met by Eradicate Pest Control, the understanding specialists covering all locations in the West Yorkshire area – including Wetherby. Our company offers a full range of pest control services to rid properties of rodent, bird and insect infestations. Wasp removal is a key operation for our technicians, and one that begins with the accurate identification of the nest; something our local and regional clients also need to know about.


The first indication that you might need our pest control services is constant harassment from wasps around your Wetherby property. Most often, our pest removal technicians find a nearby food source. This will usually be something sweet or dead flesh. Scout wasps relay the location of the food source back to those in the nest and this stirs overall activity.


Some trees also attract wasps, especially if they drip sap.


Wasps operate in swarms so, once they locate a source, they return to the nest and bring back other wasps to join in with feeding. Inside a very short space of time, the presence of a single wasp at a Wetherby home or workplace turns into hundreds. Calling Eradicate Pest Control for wasp removal services is the best way to deal with such a problem.


At the first sign of wasps congregating, try to identify the food source as long as it is safe to do so. Any sweet food in a garden, or dead flesh in a bin, is manna from heaven for wasps. Dead wood, a nesting material, also attracts the species so look out for activity on fencing panels or shed walls. With a large presence of wasps, never attempt to remove the food source yourself. Instead, call our technicians for a prompt and effective pest removal.


We deliver pest control services in Wetherby and all of the surrounding areas.


To locate the nest ahead of arranging a wasp removal with Eradicate Pest Control, stand at a distance for a few minutes and look out for flight lines. If you can distinguish where most of the wasp activity takes place, you have almost certainly identified the position of the nest.


The larger the nest is, the more substantial the number of wasps entering or leaving it. An obvious place a pest control technician might look for a nest is the roofing of your Wetherby property, or maybe that of a neighbour. Worn soffits and fascias provide access into loft space, as do small gaps left after a TV aerial or satellite dish installation. Our company performs the majority of its wasp removals around roofing and roofline structures.


If we suspect a nest indoors, a common area to locate one is in the lofts space itself. Homes in Wetherby with downlights seem to attract wasps more frequently, but we have provided pest control services in the past for nests in cupboards, ceilings and many other locations which might come as a surprise to some people. Wherever we find the nest, Eradicate promises a fast and effective pest removal using a safe insecticide suited to the species.


Call Eradicate Pest Control on 07555 374356 for wasp removal services in Wetherby from trained and qualified technicians.