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Wasp Removal in Morley from Eradicate Pest Control

Eradicate Pest Control specialises in wasp removal and offers a full range of responsive services to customers in Morley, a civil parish and market town within the city of Leeds. This type of work supports our more traditional pest control services, which deal with rodent, bird and insect infestations. We have West Yorkshire covered as an independent team of pest removal technicians with a caring, sympathetic and understanding outlook.


Wasp removal is the term we use for this particular type of pest control because, under most circumstances, it is the species we remove and not the nest. In most cases, nests need a single treatment with a dust-based insecticide to be 100% effective. This pest removal practice is enough to kills all wasps living inside nests at properties in the Morley area.

Pest control services such as these make homes and business safer, particularly for those who may be prone to an anaphylactic reaction from wasp or bee stings.


After the Treatment


We leave the nest in place after performing the wasp removal treatment because the species doesn’t return to use it again. Wasps build a new nest for each season so leaving the old nest in place makes perfect sense from the perspective of a pest control technician. The only time we remove a nest is if it is in a visible home or working location, or if its presence has an effect on the habits and lifestyles of our valued customers in the Morley area.


If the customer requires a nest removal in addition to pest removal, we do this once we have eradicated the population of wasps – most often on the same or next day.


For those who need emergency pest control services, we have insecticides which kill wasps as soon as we spray them into the nest. While this particular treatment provides a fast resolution in or around Morley properties, it has no effect on foraging wasps outside the nest and these can still return to the area to cause alarm and distress to the customer.


Only a small handful of pest control companies use fast-acting insecticides and it’s always best to talk to a technician in detail before deciding on this particular service.


Wasp Nest Removal


Most people will go through their entire lives without ever seeing a nest until they need a wasp removal service. Some pest control companies market the service as a “wasp nest removal” but a qualified technician know there’s will always be plenty of good reasons to leave the nest in place. A treated nest in a barn, a garage or any other area which doesn’t inhabit people will have little or no impact on the lifestyle of those who live or work there.


The insecticide used for this type of pest removal work is lasting and has no negative effect on our Morley customers, pets or other wild animals. Yet one of the biggest benefits of pest control services such as these is that the dust remains inside the nest. If another colony tries to raid a treated and unremoved nest, the dust contaminates the wasps and kills them too.


In effect, our wasp removal services have the capacity to kill more than one nest.


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