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Wasp Removal in Leeds from Eradicate Pest Control

Eradicate Pest Control is already well known in Leeds for the pest control services we provide for domestic customers and commercial clients. While much of our work falls on the preventative side of things, we offer a responsive pest removal service for infestation outbreaks. Mice and rats are an everyday part of our business operation but different seasons bring different infestations.


Summer is a busy time for our wasp removal team.


The season begins in the spring when queen wasps emerge from hibernation to build new nests. Our pest control specialists understand the life cycle of wasps and begin planning ahead for wasp removal services in Leeds long before the calls start coming in.


Some people mistakenly believe that queen wasps die during the harsh winter months but the majority fall to spiders and other predators. We’ve learned during the delivery of our pest control services that warm winters are likely to kill more queen bees than cold winters because they come out of hibernation too soon and starve to death.


In perfect conditions, queen bees thrive and go on to build nests in the kinder spring and summer months. Naturally, this presents problems for home and business owners in Leeds, and leaves them in urgent need of pest removal services (and wasp removal services in particular) as the colony builds and wasps around the nest become more aggressive.


The Wasp Removal Process


Pest control specialists, to the surprise of some of our customers in Leeds, may not recommend wasp removal or the destruction of the nest. A nest is a structure for housing wasps until they disperse, usually made from the wood they chew, and only accommodates these pests for a single season. A nest in a loft, for example, might not pose an immediate danger, and our pest removal team could suggest leaving it until the winter.


Nests in doorways, gardens and public spaces usually require a more rapid response and we design our pest control services around a two-stage system that begins with the application of an insecticide. The nest stays in place while the insecticide kills the wasps, and Eradicate Pest Control returns to Leeds properties for the second stage of the wasp removal process.


This is nearly always a routine inspection to ensure the insecticide has worked but we can accommodate complete removal of nest as long as it is safe to do so.


Our pest removal team advises you that the insecticide stays active over the winter so, if a queen bee locates the nest the following spring, it succumbs to the treatment and dies. If wasps are causing havoc at your Leeds home or workplace, contact Eradicate Pest Control for help and advice. We cover the area with ethical wasp removal and pest control services.


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